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$59.95(+) - [BINGE]
Color Binge
$69.95 - [GOLFING]
Golfing A Round
$59.95(+) - [HARMONY]
Harmony In Nature
$29.95 - [ABULB]
Love You A-Bulb All Else
$29.95 - [DAFFODIL]
I Am Daffy-Dil For You
$44.95 - [SAME]
Same Time Next Year
$49.95 - [ORCHIDS]
Mini Orchids
$69.95 - [GONE]
Gone Fishing
$69.95(+) - [AWAKENING]
Spring Awakening
The McCarthy Group of florists is a national retailer of high quality floral products, flower arrangements and green plants, both domestic and tropical. The company began life as a single-store family operation in Scranton, PA in 1952, since it then it has grown to become a national Teleflora 'Top 10' florist.